My name is Nico Smets. Fulltime breather, obedient follower of the laws of physics and fellow competitor of natural resources since the seventh day of what the Romans called the seventh month (september) of the year seventy seven.

Since that same date I am mandatorily enrolled in the University of Life. Most of the time I try to skip classes, but the classes seem to find me instead of vice versa. A small calculation shows that I have yet attained an age at which birthdays are no longer celebratable. I have also noticed "already" that the time perception as a function of time seems to have a logarithmic relation rather than a linear one. D’oh, and I like linear so much! Yet another lesson of the University of Life.

One of the two monkeys in the picture is me. I know, it’s hard to distinguish me. We are very much alike, both outside and inside. Especially on the inner agreement a lot can be said, but I will leave this to George A. Ricker, with his article about the monkey trap. The monkey trap I regularly fall for is working too much. To reduce these incidents to a minimum I try to keep the following quotes in mind: "werk maakt meer kapot dan je lief is" (SDB), and "Ambitie is een pest" (Bart Peeters). I am already very guilty of this sin. In the future, I will need to practice forgiveness, and start with myself.

Now that I am already introducing myself, I’ll also add my "conviction". We are able to live here on Earth because the gods favour us greatly. This statement says everything and nothing at the same time, it’s an empty box, and it can be filled as one pleases. Favour is also greatly ambiguous, because in fact they are just being amused as we struggle along. They didn’t give us the "law of conservation of misery" for nothing. An important difference from the mainstream religion is that I certainly do not believe in a separation between good and evil. For me, both are one whole. Something good is at the same time bad and vice versa, it only depends on your perspective. Speaking of a God who is only good, is for me the same as the story of Santa Claus for adults. No offence intended.

I like fruit salad and I never litter. Despite the fact that I am an unmannered farmer, I have great friends. I can bring on huge perseverance, and I advise nobody to do the same. The latter is probably generalizable to the fact that extreme things are actually never optimal. Also here we won’t escape the law of conservation of misery.


I can be regularly found at the following places.


Cell phone:


Tel.: +32 2 541 66 80
Fax.: +32 2 541 66 51

Sorry about the email addresses not being copy pastable. This is to prevent that they are harvested by spam bots.

By Europe I mean off course the continent, and not that moon circling Jupiter. May I find it a little short-sighted to give those two the same name? Imagine the potential confusion this can be giving in the far future. People have to think a bit further forward. It’s something like the fact that there are two places called Aalst in Flanders.


I have an online picture gallery with quite an amount of snapshots. To shield this a minimum, I ask a password that is known by most people that know me: What is the name of my clumsiest cat? Click here to enter the password. If you don’t know the answer, but would like to see the pictures, you can just ask the password.