Lost in thought

Many many years ago, when I was still young, I have played the guitar very intensively. It was hard work, but a got a lot in return. Actually it was one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. I went through a very steep learning curve in a relatively short time. Very different from my experience in the music academy, which I started three times, but quit again every time. Why couldn’t I have done the same with my PhD :0).

When I had been playing the guitar for 18 months, I composed a little musical piece, baptized ‘Lost in thought’. Almost a decade later I finally wrote it down. It seemed to contain a very peculiar time signature, I almost renamed it to ‘The prime number forest’. Look and judge for yourself (pdf). Now give me a few more years and maybe one day I’ll get to actually recording it. The problem is that it’s rather difficult to play (strength and endurance) and I have to invest a lot of practice to be able to play it (well). I’ll get to it one day.

Classical Gas

A classic on classical guitar: Classical Gas. My humble attempt can be heard in the video.

And so it goes

And so it goes is a song by the brilliant Billy Joel. The equally brilliant Tommy Emmanuel arranged it for a single guitar. In the next video my average playing attempt can be heard.

Arrival of the birds

Arrival of the birds is originally brought by the 'Cinematic Orchestra'. Be sure to listen to the original. The following is an arrangement for a single guitar. Of course the possibilities with one guitar are limited compared to such an orchestra, but I think nonetheless that the essence is well captured. Notes with tablature can be found here.

Nine crimes

Nine crimes by Damien Rice, arranged for one guitar.

Nothing Else Matters

Nothing Else Matters by Metallica, arranged by Tomi Paldanius.


Apologize by OneRepublic, arranged by Tomi Paldanius.

Arrival of the birds & Transformation

Arrival of the birds & Transformation, by the Cinematic Orchestra. Arranged for guitar duet. Earlier a made a version of Arrival of the Birds for one guitar. When I included Transformation in the arrangement I found it impossible to cramp it into a single guitar arrangement, Hence the duet.