These days my main spare time occupation is my little daughter. It’s so nice to see how she always learns new things. Some pictures:

Needless to say, my picture gallery bulges of Ella snapshots.

Ella loves: playing ghost, frolicking and being frolicked, seeing dust float in bright sun rays.
Ella doesn’t like: Getting out of the swimming pool.

Little Projects


I have a little project with the Moire effect in the refrigerator. I had some plans to make something but I’m currently still in research phase to see whether it will be worthwhile.


The past years I waisted the necessary time to make some web applications. It's nothing more than obsessive behaviour, sometimes a scientific researcher wants some practical results on a shorter time scale, and then out of misery he/she starts making web applications, which can provide instant development gratification.


My first web application. It's an automated system to make online surveys. Used for academic purposes, and still very competitive to current standards.


MoneyMonkey is a personal accounting system. When I joined the group of paid civilians, I always wondered where my money had gone at the end of the month. The combination of bad memory and counting inability ensured me that I was rather clueless on the subject. When then one day I had a look at the average cost of land with brick, all of a sudden I thought it would be usefull to have a better view on my cash flow.

There are thirteen such programs in a dozen, but I found that none of them met my needs, so instead I decided to be so stupid to develop one myself. The core task of MoneyMonkey is really about visualizing and analyzing the cash flow. But MoneyMonkey can be used for many other tasks, for example to keep track whether loaned money has been paid back, to balance a joint account, to see how much a steel horse costs, to see how (not) fast your savings grow, to see how the money squandering increases with age, ... and so on. The distinctive features of MoneyMonkey against similar applications is the ability to categorize in a tree structure with an arbitrary number of levels. Essential for a good and easy analysis, if you ask me.

MoneyMonkey can be found here. For a (free) account you can ask me.


Meter Monkey is a web application to keep track and graph the consumption on household meters (gas, electricity, water, ...) and cars. The application automatically processes the measurements and provides a lot of graphs, exactly the way an engineer likes it.

Metermonkey can be found here. (https authentificatie Username: meter, paswoord: monkey!) Accounts can be made by yourself, if you care, and if you dare.